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John’s Mission Treasure Trove

Every now and again a seller joins Yardsale and reminds us how important great photos are for a listing. Having pretty amazing stuff doesn’t hurt, either. Our neighbor John is in the Mission District of San Francisco and has one heck of a collection up for sale right now. You can impress your friends while pouring them an unidentifiable drink (“I’ll have a clear one, on the rocks!”), spend countless hours staring at an incredibly good looking person during your nightly Edgar Allen Poe recitations, or just get out of town in style for a bit.

There’s a lot to like in this collection, but unlike most parents, we admit that we have a favorite. This stovetop espresso machine is a gem we simply haven’t seen on Yardsale. You’ll have to let us know how exactly it works once you pick it up from John. Deal? Happy hunting, folks!

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