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The Yardsale Pickers


We’re pretty musical around here. Ryan is teaching himself to play a guitar he got on Yardsale. When Jon isn’t learning the Sumerian language he likes to break it down with some jazz piano. Daniel is learning guitar one chord a week, but is currently stuck playing C Minor over and over (didn’t that make Schumann go crazy?). Heck, we spend our evenings listening to our designer Mike play the ukulele. It’s like Greenwich Village around here.

So, we were pretty stoked to see a ton of guitars on Yardsale lately. For some of you, the end of Summer rolls around and you start thinking, “Well, go figure, my Hall & Oates tribute band wasn’t a hit.” Don’t worry, even Van Gogh wasn’t appreciated in his lifetime. So, you pack up the guitar, tear down your Private Eyes band sign, and think of better times (read: 1983). For some of you, though, that “I-can’t-go-for-that-no-can-do” spirit kicks in and musical greatness prevails. Years from now, children will read of your band in their history books. Tribute bands for your tribute band will traverse the globe!

Everyone should get a shot at such rock deification, right? With all the guitars available on Yardsale right now, you can. There are some really nice ones, and these are only a select few, so be sure and do a search in your area. Check ‘em out, make some offers (evidence of a sweet ’80s mustache ought to get you a discount, just sayin’), and we’ll see you at the Apollo. We’ll be the band called the Yardsale Pickers: