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In Pursuit of Happiness

Hey there, Yardsailors! I’m Daniel, your new Community Happiness Manager. I’ve joined the Yardsale team to help you (yes, you! And you!) get the most magical experience possible with Yardsale. And that’s what it’s all about, right? My job is to make sure your experience with Yardsale is something special at every step of the way, from the moment you open the app to when you go pick up that rad cheetah print adult onesie you got on Yardsale. You’re going to look fantastic, by the way.

Buying and selling on Yardsale isn’t only about buying and selling cool stuff. It’s really about community. It’s about meeting people in your neighborhood who you otherwise wouldn’t have. It’s about being pleasantly surprised by the kindness of other people. It’s about those seemingly rare opportunities when you get to make someone else happy.


Since we’re going to be spending some time together, how about I tell you a bit about myself? Self-Aggrandizing Lightning Round, COMMENCE!

  • I come from Whiskey Media, another web start-up, where I wore many different hats, managing customer service, membership relations, advertising and learning all about the interwebs.
  • While studying political science in college I decided to start an exploratory committee-of-one for a Congressional bid. I’ve since abandoned the website and the election, for reasons I’ll make clear in my post-presidency  autobiographical tell-all.
  • My love of rap music is eclipsed only by my love for Bluegrass. Figure that one out.
  • I’ve been up here!
  • Whenever someone quotes a line from The Goonies, I have to turn on the movie. I guess that’s better than feeling compelled to do the Truffle Shuffle every time. That’d be awkward for everyone.
  • I love an Internet that is serendipitous, engaging, and full of experiences that border on magic. From an intuitive app that solves a common need, to the personable customer support that’s behind it when you need help.

While I’ve been lucky enough to have met and bought or sold from some of you on Yardsale, I really look forward to getting to know each and every one of you. Don’t hesitate to text us (at 415-683-6832) or email us ( any time you have a question or if you’d just like to say hi. Or you can always talk to us on Twitter.

Behind every item is a unique story. This makes Yardsale unlike buying and selling in any other way. I really look forward to hearing all of your stories, and helping you share them through Yardsale. Talk to you soon.

- Daniel

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