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Now Scaling… Happiness

Look, news! We’ve hired a Community Happiness Manager. We can’t describe how much we appreciate all interest, kind words of support, love notes, videos, follow ups, Spaceballs references, and tweets we received from all of you. Can’t wait for you to meet the newest addition to the team. More to come soon!

TL;DR… We’re hiring! Who do you know who is hard working and seriously can’t get enough of making other people happy? Oh boy, do we have the perfect role for them.

This last couple of weeks has been quite the ride. The secret that is Yardsale, your favorite way to buy and sell with the nice folks around you, is officially out and now growing at warp speed (or for all you Spaceballs fans, including me, more like LUDICROUS SPEED). 

Unlike bandwidth or server scaling issues, when some of the nicest folks come together to form one of the best communities on the internet, you can’t fix it with a few lines of code or by cranking up the dynos on Heroku.

We could probably start auto-replying with canned messages or outsource some stuff, but WE ACTUALLY WANT TO TALK TO THESE PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY (YOU) ARE AWESOME. In fact, we want to talk to them more. That’s why we’re hiring our first Community Happiness Manager.

Do you know anyone awesome? Go back in time and send this post to them 5 minutes ago.

We love you people,
Ryan and the rest of the Yardsale guys 

Team Yardsale, minus Ryan

Your favorite Team Yardsale, on our recent trip to Point Reyes: Ed, Barnaby, Jon, Namit, and me Ryan (behind the camera)

Community Happiness Manager

At Yardsale, we seriously love our community. In order to maintain our rapid growth, we need to support these nice folks to be sure that their experiences using Yardsale are those that leave them excited to continue using and share the service with all of their friends. 

If selected, you’ll be working alongside the founders to email, text, call members of the community to create and maximize their happiness. This position is a high-energy, fast paced role, requiring someone with both a glass-half full mindset and the ability to multitask and work incredibly hard to make meaningful and authentic connections with a large number of people. It will include community support, via email, text, IM, phone, and possibly smoke signals, marketing outreach, participating in strategic discussions about Yardsale as a company and product, and other stuff like organizing events. Given that we’re a small company, you’ll have your hands in everything and the opportunities for growth will be limited only by your desire to work hard and produce results.


  • Experience in a customer service, sales, marketing, or even retail environment
  • Super outgoing, positive spirit, contagiously happy and helpful
  • Super fast emailing, IMing, texting, etc., with the attention to detail necessary to engage authentically and professionally
  • Excellent writing skills, grammar, spelling
  • Must be available to work here in the sunny Mission District of San Francisco, during normal business hours (and likely then some—we’re a startup and we love this)
  • College graduate in related field is preferred but not required, for those extremely strong in all other areas

About us:

Yardsale is a fast-growing, year-and-a-half old company which was part of Y-Combinator, a leading startup accelerator program, and is funded by well known technology investors. The company has been featured in TechCrunch, Wired, Lifehacker, UrbanDaddy, Gizmodo, and flamed on Hacker News. ;)

To apply:

Don’t send us a boring cover letter. Email us (at with a few examples of times/roles when you went above and beyond for a customer. Be creative! Also include your resume, and (optionally) links to any social profiles that might help us get to know you better, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.