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So, what’s selling on Yardsale

We’ve been getting asked a lot lately about what sells on Yardsale. We’ve actually been pretty surprised, since we first started, by what trades hands. There’s the usual stuff, stuff we all need, like plasma tvs, furniture, microwaves, blenders, laptops and gadgets, iPhones (because you have an extra one lying around or just dropped one in the toilet, we’ve all done it) and that sort of thing. The occasional hug, and what have you.

Then some days, along comes… a motorcycle! It’s at this point that we’re telling ourselves, okay, there’s no way someone’s going to buy a motorcycle on Yardsale. Right?

Wrong. In a matter of days, Mike S.’s Kawasaki Ninja was purchased by a neighbor and fellow rider, as a surprise gift for his girlfriend. The only word we had for that was rad.

His radness, Mike S.

Photo credit: Screenflicker on Flickr, and what was likely a serious P90X workout