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Yardsale, now serving America

Now available across America

From the Mission, to San Francisco, to the Bay Area… to America. Until now, we’ve been quietly focused on building Yardsale for our neighbors here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Thanks to you, Yardsale has become one of the Bay Area’s best kept secrets, spread entirely by word of mouth. The most common complaint we hear is that we’re not available in the places that folks hear about Yardsale.

The inspiration behind Yardsale actually came from the old school sites for buying and selling with other people. You see, we’d used eBay back in ‘99, when there was a really amazing community of individuals who were shipping their items around the country, and writing hand written notes to each other. eBay has since abandoned that community, catering to power sellers and businesses. Today it looks more like Amazon than a service that was built for individuals. Yardsale reimagines the beautiful, simple experience that buying and selling could be, using mobile. And we built it for regular people with closets and garages (not warehouses) full of items we’d sell if it were easier, to recreate the kind of community that we loved about eBay back in its early days. 

Today, we’re opening up Yardsale nationwide. We really can’t wait to hear what you think. Go ahead, list a handful of items, see how it goes. Meet a neighbor, bring them cookies. And let us know how it goes, and how we can make Yardsale even better for you.

How it works

Since many of you are new to Yardsale, we’d like to take a moment to share how it works. 

List items as easily as posting photos with Instagram. It takes about 15 seconds to list an item. Boom.

No one has ever built an app like this. If you can figure out how we can make listing easier, email us because we’d really like to know. List your item, with gorgeous photos from all angles, in about 15 seconds. If you want to give your friends and neighbors first dibs, we’re pretty sure we couldn’t have made it easier to share your item on Facebook, Twitter. 

Offers in real time, not flaking

As we started working on Yardsale, what we realized was that only part of the friction of selling to neighbors is in listing the item. Then you get buried with emails from spray and pray buyers. On Yardsale, you get notifications when buyers send you offers. You can haggle back, and generally the deal is done in a matter of minutes and you’re texting with the buyer. We leave it to you to arrange a good time for the buyer to pick up the item (or meet you elsewhere), and in most cases sellers ask buyers to pay with cash or Square.

Craigslist, minus the hassle

A surprising number of items sell directly to Yardsale users, but of course because we want to maximize your shot at selling your stuff, we automatically prepare a post on Craigslist for each of your items. We include your photos (no uploading), your item’s description, etc., but not your email, that way still you still get all the benefits of Yardsale, by receiving firm offers instead of half-interested emails. You’re welcome to modify the post and include your email if you just like spending your days emailing back and forth with people. 

An easier way to list your item for sale on Twitter and Facebook 

As we were building Yardsale, we noticed that an increasing number of people were posting photos of items and offering them for sale on places like Twitter. But if you want to really show off the item with several photos of several items and their location, or if you’re like Sam and are selling everything you own to fund your startup, the experience is terrible. 

If you like your friends on Twitter or Facebook enough to give them first dibs on your stuff, we give you a nice web page for your individual items, as well as one for all of your items. There’s no easier way to tweet or post an item for sale on Facebook. 

And finally, welcome

To all of our new friends in places near and far, we’d like to offer our warmest welcome to Yardsale. We can’t wait to hear what you think about Yardsale and where your experiences using it lead you.